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Drummoyne Water Polo

Drummoyne (Small)

Water polo has long been a popular sport in Australia.

One of Drummoyne Water Polo Club‘s prized photographs is of the ‘Drummoyne Swimming Club, H. Christiansen’s Team, Winners of the ‘Club’ Water Polo Competition 1911-1912′.

The photograph shows team members, back row: A. Martin, W. Salton (Honorary Secretary), W. Martin; centre row: B. Erickson, H. Christiansen (Captain), W. Baxter (Vice-Captain), T. Fitzgerald; Sitting (in front): G. Erickson

Bertie Theodore Erickson and George Peter Erickson both served in the First World War, along with their brothers Albert Victor Erickson and Roy Robert Erickson. While Bertie and George both survived the war, Albert and Roy were killed in action in France in August 1916.

All four brothers are listed in the Drummoyne War Service Record.