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Catching the train

The first railway line between Sydney and Parramatta opened in 1855. Originally there were only four stations: Newtown, Ashfield, Burwood and Homebush. Redmyre Station, which is better known today as Strathfield, was added in 1877.

Rail transport came to the Concord area in September 1886 when the northern line between Strathfield and Hornsby was completed. The first station along the line was at Rhodes. A year later in 1887, Concord Railway Station was opened. In 1909 the name was changed to Concord West. North Strathfield Railway Station was opened in 1919.

The opening of the railway line provided the transport link necessary for the development of industry on the Rhodes Peninsular and at Concord West.

The photograph shows Concord West Railway Station on 16 June 1933, a little before 8.30am. It’s quite a rare thing to be able to date an old photograph quite so precisely!