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From bomber pilot to builder


The 93rd Attack Squadron were known as the ‘Green Ghosts’. The Squadron flew Beaufighter Mk.21 aircraft which the Japanese nicknamed ‘whispering death’. So silent, they didn’t hear the Beaufighter till they were overhead. ‘By then it was too late’.

The photograph shows Lerryn Mutton astride his Beaufighter at Labuan, Borneo, cleaning his aircraft. Following World War II he served as Mayor of Concord and was MLA for Yaralla (Concord). He was an active member of the community, supporting a wide range of issues. Still, the years of war service were ones that remained close to his heart. A proud moment was representing Veterans at Sandakan Memorial in 1999 where he visited the grave of a fallen comrade.

Lerryn Mutton’s story is told in the recently published book, Lest I forget. The publisher, Patricia Skehan will talk about the book at Concord Library on Thursday, 18 April 2013 at 1pm.

Veteran politicians in print

Parramatta 0201 (Small)

Recently Lest I forget, the memoirs of Lerryn Mutton OAM (above, on the right) was launched at Concord RSL by radio personality Alan Jones OAM.

Lerryn was a former Mayor of Concord and a Member of the Legislative Assembly for the seat of Yaralla. During World War II he trained as a pilot and flew the Australian-built Beaufighter bombers with the 93rd Attack Squadron based at Labuan, Borneo.

Another book published recently is the biography of local resident Sir John Carrick, simply titled Carrick. Sir John was a Senator in the Australian parliament from 1971 until 1987. He was Minister of Education and later Minister for National Development and Energy in the Fraser government. During World War II he was a member of Sparrow Force which defended Timor in 1942. He describes these experiences in a recording available through youtube.

Both books are available for loan through City of Canada Bay Libraries.