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Illuminating the past

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In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, illuminated addresses were a popular way of marking special occasions.

In the tradition of medieval illuminated manuscripts, illuminated addresses combined calligraphy, miniature pictures and decoration to pay tribute to a person’s special achievements.

The illuminated address, above, is currently on display at Concord Library. It is one of the special treasures of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church at Concord West which recently celebrated its centenary. Holy Trinity presented the illuminated address to Eadith Walker who generously donated funds for the establishment of the church.

Several other beautiful illuminated addresses associated with Canada Bay have survived and are held by the City of Canada Bay Museum and St Luke’s Anglican Church at Concord. These can be viewed through Canada Bay Connections, simply type “illuminated” in the search box.

The display commemorating 100 years of Holy Trinity Anglican Church continues at Concord Library until 14 March 2014.