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Soccer in Drummoyne and beyond

Earlier this year, local resident Richard Boothman generously contributed some family photographs to Canada Bay Connections.

The images included ones relating to his grandfather, Ernest Stephen Lukeman who was prominent in soccer circles in the 1920s. He was secretary of the Australian Soccer Football Association and hosted visits by teams from England, New Zealand, Canada, China and Czechoslavakia. Many years later Professor K. L. Kwong, manager of the Chinese team, still fondly recalled the ‘kind consideration’ shown to him. In 1928 and 1930, Ernest Lukeman was manager of the Australian teams that toured Java.

The photograph shows the 1928 Australian soccer team in Java being led by Ernest Lukeman, carrying the Australian flag. Thirteen matches were played of which Australia won nine, lost three and drew one.

Ernest Lukeman died at Drummoyne in 1936, aged 54.