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Drummoyne Oval

SCAN0416 (Small)

An early photograph of Drummoyne Oval has recently been added to Canada Bay Connections.

Thanks to Phil Harvey (see comment below), the photograph has been identified as being taken prior to 1920 and shows the original grandstand.

The ‘Sports’ of the photograph is, of course, Rugby. Drummoyne Park was used for rugby games as early as 1882 when the area was part of William Wright’s estate.

Kevin Stutchbury kindly lent the photograph so it could be scanned and added to Canada Bay Connections.

Summer of Cricket

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Over the years Drummoyne Oval has hosted some great cricket matches.

Drummoyne Oval was constructed during the Depression with a grant from the unemployment relief fund in 1930. Equal in size to the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Drummoyne Oval has always been used for rugby in the winter months and cricket over summer.

The photograph, above, shows a cricket match between Ian Chappell’s Test XI and John Benaud’s Rest of Australia which was held at Drummoyne Oval on Sunday, 8 October 1972. The match was promoted by the Balmain Cricket Club and the Spastic Centre of NSW. An estimated 20,000 people attended the match.

Keeping score

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The scoreboard at Drummoyne Oval was first used for a cricket game on the 7 January 1961. At the time it was described as ‘the best suburban-ground scoreboard in the metropoltan area’.

It was designed by local architect Stan J. Nichols and cost £4600 to build. Originally scores were changed by hand but it has since been upgraded with an electronic display.

Made of prestressed concrete, it will certainly be keeping score at Drummoyne Oval for many years to come.