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A great amount of traffic

Concord Road 1918

The Municipality of Concord Annual Report of 1918 noted that £764 had been spent on upgrading Concord Road and as a result it

‘is now in such a good state of repair that a great amount of traffic to Parramatta is diverted from the Parramatta Road along the Concord Road, via the Punt, to Parramatta; and this is particularly noticeable in respect of motor traffic, for which the bad state of the Parramatta Road between Homebush and Parramatta is mainly responsible.’

To reinforce the point, the above photograph of the improved Concord Road was included in the report.

Another ‘improvement’ to streets in 1918 was changing the name of Mangrove Street to Empire Avenue and Swamp Street to Ian Parade.

Telling tales

Warmans - Correys Ave & Concord Rd

Over recent months, oral historian Olev Muska has been collecting stories of the North Strathfield community, past and present.

The project, North Strathfield Neighbourhood Stories, celebrates the lives, stories and experiences of the community through an exhibition at Concord Library and a website. The exhibition documents many wonderful stories of the social history of the area. Among the participants in the project are the Hon. Michael Kirby who grew up in North Strathfield and resident Colin Burgess, formerly of The Masters Apprenctices and AC/DC.

North Strathfield Neighbourhood Stories will be launched at Concord Library on Wednesday, 20 March by the Hon. Michael Kirby. Bookings are essential, contact Concord Library 9911 6200. The exhibition is at Concord Library, 2-31 March 2013.

The photograph shows Warman’s Grocery, corner of Correys Avenue and Concord Road, North Strathfield in the 1930s. Today it is the Liu Rose, itself a local landmark and one of the first restaurants in the area.

Rothwell and Cullen’s Four Ways

Rothwell and Cullen’s Four Ways Gas Service Station, located on the corner of Parramatta and Concord Roads, Concord, was the latest in modern service station design when it was built in 1939.

In the years following World War II, the business under the direction of Ed Cullen, transformed into a car dealership.

While the site has undergone many changes since this photograph was taken, it has had a continuous association with the motor trade for over seventy years.