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The box factory

Box factory­_2

The Co-operative Box Company moved its operations from Balmain to a new mill at Chiswick in 1922. The company made wooden boxes for butter and was known locally as the ‘box factory’.

The Story of Drummoyne 1890 – 1940 described it as ‘one of the outstanding examples of secondary industry in our municipality’, noting that ‘the wages bill invariably exceeds £30,000 per annum, and as most of the employees reside in the municipality, it will be readily realised that the box company is a most important factor in the economic life of the community’.

Operations at the site were later taken over by Galleon Hardwoods Pty Ltd and in the late 1960s the site was redeveloped for home units.

In the photograph above from 1940, the old Gladesville Bridge can be seen in the background. A later view of the box factory with the present bridge can be seen on flickr.