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New displays for a new year


City of Canada Bay Museum will re-open on 14 January 2017 with a range of new displays.

Special panels mark the 200th anniversary of the first formal celebration of Australia Day by Isaac Nichols in 1817. Other new displays highlight the museum’s extensive clothing collection, with everything from hats to underwear. A fascinating array of shoes was recently acquired from Hardwick’s Shoe Store which closed last year after 114 years of trading.

City of Canada Museum is open on Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm. There will be a special ‘Morning at the Museum’ for children organised in conjunction with City of Canada Bay Library Service on Wednesday, 25 January 2017.

Discover Drummoyne

Drummoyne Parramatta River c1911 (Small)

For those who missed seeing the ‘Discover Drummoyne’ display at the City of Canada Bay Museum, the panels are currently on display at Five Dock Library.

City of Canada Bay Museum has created a wonderful, informative and comprehensive exhibition exploring life in Drummoyne from early settlement through to recent times. The panels cover the magnificent mansions, booming factories, cultural venues, businesses, schools and famous people of Drummoyne through photographs and stories.

The photograph above shows Drummoyne from Parramatta River in 1911. It is one of a series of photographs held by the City of Canada Bay Museum which have recently been added to the City of Canada Bay Library Service online resource ‘Canada Bay Connections’, the source for many of the images in the display.

The display continues until 31 July 2016.

Celebrating Australian achievements


City of Canada Bay Museum’s latest display celebrates Australian inventions and discoveries.

From speedos and zinc cream to spray on skin and cochlear hearing implants, Australian innovations have had a worldwide impact. A highlight of the museum’s collection is a display devoted to the development of the Victa mower.

In 1952 Mervyn Victor Richardson of Concord put his mind to inventing a machine to cut the grass in his suburban garden. Using scrap material to hand he developed a prototype which attracted considerable attention. He began by producing mowers in his garage but before long expanded his operations to an old shed at the rear of St Mary’s Church, Mortlake. Demand continued to grow so that by 1958 his company, Victa Mowers Pty Ltd moved to a factory at Milperra. Since then over eight million lawnmowers have been produced.

The display at the City of Canada Bay Museum continues until the end of June.

Hessian haute couture

Hessian Dress (Small)

In March 1943 the 3rd Women’s Hospital was established in the former Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital to provide for the needs of servicewomen. The nearby 113 Australian General Hospital dealt with surgical cases while the Women’s Hospital provided for patients recovering from illnesses contracted while on active service, such as malaria.

Later in the same year a Red Cross recreation centre was opened for patients. It provided a space for women to recuperate and included a craft room where they could engage in handicrafts to pass the time. The City of Canada Bay Museum has a small but fascinating collection of some of the handicrafts produced by the servicewomen. One of the most striking items is an embroidered dress and coat made of hessian.

The 3rd Women’s Hospital closed in May 1946.

City of Canada Bay Heritage Society

The City of Canada Bay Heritage Society was formed last Friday following the merging of the Concord Heritage Society and Drummoyne and Districts Historical Society. Both societies have over many years played an important role in fostering awareness of local heritage. Since 2009 the two societies have worked closely in developing the City of Canada Bay Museum.

City of Canada Bay Mayor, Angelo Tsirekas commented, “We need to promote and preserve the heritage of our community and through this Society, we have an opportunity to preserve the local identity of Canada Bay for future generations.”

The City of Canada Bay Heritage Society provides a great opportunity for local residents to become involved in projects of lasting value to our community.