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In their own words

Yesterday and today- Michael Ianniello_52x52 (Small)

The recent project ‘Chiswick Changes and Connections’ sought to capture the vibrancy and strong sense of belonging felt by the community living on the Chiswick Peninsula.

Part of the project involved mutimedia specialists Olev Muska and Angela Pasqua interviewing and recording the recollections of local residents. Selected highlights of these interviews can now be viewed on City of Canada Bay’s youtube channel.

The photograph above is from the ‘Two of a kind’ Chiswick photo comp held last year. Michael Ianniello’s photograph ‘Yesterday and today’ shows an original timber gate post from BHP Wire Mill (also known as Lysaght Bros Co Ltd) against a backdrop of apartments at Chiswick.

Chiswick changes and connections

From Nestle's chimney about 1920 to Chiswick and Lysaght's factory Foster Mitchell (Small)

Currently Olev Muska (who worked on the North Strathfield Neighbourhood Stories) and Angela Pasqua are working on an exciting multimedia project focussed on Chiswick.

‘Chiswick Changes and Connections’ seeks to add vibrancy, create connections and establish a strong sense of belonging for the community living on the Chiswick Peninsula.

Olev and Angela are gathering local oral histories and impressions of living in Chiswick from both old and new residents. They will then prepare a set of short films to upload onto City of Canada Bay’s website. A selection of these will be projected at an outdoor event in October.

Come along to the community consultation this Saturday, 11 July, 10am to 2pm, outside Blackwall Café, Blackwall Point Road shops, and share your story of Chiswick with Olev and Angela. If you can’t make the consultation or you know of someone who may be interested, send us an email at

The photograph, above, was taken around 1920 from the Nestlé factory chimney at Abbotsford and shows Chiswick and the Lysaght factory.