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Sweet memories


Arnott’s this year celebrates 150 years since William Arnott first began baking in Newcastle in 1865.

Locally, Arnott’s opened a factory at Homebush in 1908, in close proximity to the railway line to facilitate deliveries and distribution. Considerable demand for Arnott’s biscuits meant that the factory soon had to be enlarged. Arnott’s was an important local employer for almost ninety years before relocation of the factory to Huntingwood in 1997. The factory site fronting George Street, North Strathfield has since been redeveloped as the Bakehouse Quarter.

Arnott’s retains its links with the area with corporate offices at North Strathfield and, of course, with their iconic sign across Parramatta Road.

This photograph of Arnott’s factory in the 1920s appeared in The story of Arnott’s famous biscuits (1993), held by Local Studies. The caption reads, ‘Discipline was strict – no talking was allowed and the forewomen were described as ‘tough’.’