Rosebank turns 150

From modest beginnings in 1867, Rosebank College has grown and evolved over 150 years to make an outstanding contribution to the education of young people.

Three Good Samaritan Sisters opened a school at Albina Villa, an old house near Parramatta Road, Concord in mid 1867. In the following year, the Rosebank property at Five Dock became available and was purchased for the school.

The fascinating story of the Rosebank College’s growth and development over the past 150 years is told in the recently published book Sursum Corda, lift up your hearts by Thomas Westenberg. The photograph, above, from the book shows students studying algebra about 1910.

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  1. Albina Villa was built for George Robert Nichols in the 1840s. He was a member of the first responsible government in New South Wales. George Nichols’ father, Isaac Nichols, was the first owner of Yaralla, a significant estate in Concord. Isaac Nichols was the first Postmaster in Australia.

    An advertisement from The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 February 1848 provides an interesting glimpse of Albina Villa and grounds, showing that the Concord area at that time was still quite rural:


    Including the orangery, orchard, and garden,
    with the house and premises, formerly the
    property of G. R. Nichols, Esq. situate at
    Concord, on the Parramatta-road, in conse-
    quence of the proprietor retiring to Bong



    THIS delightful villa was erected
    only a very few years back, by George
    R. Nichols, Esq , and the present proprietor
    has lavished a large sum of money within the
    last three months upon its improvement, under
    the superintendence of an eminent architect.
    It is a commodious brick-built edifice, of the
    Italian order of architecture, and fully adequate
    to the comfort and convenience of a respectable
    family, and


    The ground is well laid out in an orangery
    of 100 trees, most of them in full bearing,
    stone fruit, &c, about 1000, and a very
    pretty shrubbery, displaying all the decorative
    taste so essential in the embellishment of a
    gentleman’s seat. The whole (including the
    vineyard of 6000 vines) evincing that no
    expense has been spared to render the spot
    as pleasing to the eye of the stranger, as it must
    be fascinating to the inhabitant.

    Terms, liberal.

    Apply to Mr, STUBBS, at the Mart.

    Sydney, February 1.

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