La Piazza Parlante


A new art installation The Italian Talkative Square La Piazza Parlante in Fred Kelly Place, Five Dock, celebrates the area’s rich Italian heritage through a blend of art and oral history.

Artist Marta Ferracin collected stories told by older members of the Italian community who came to Australia from the Aeolian Islands, Sicily, central and southern regions of Italy. Marta gathered the stories from community meeting points such as Fred Kelly Place, All Hallows Catholic Church and Club 5 Dock. Many arrived in Australia with little more than the clothes they wore. Some boarded a ship bound for Australia believing the journey would take only two or three days. All contributed much to the wonderful diversity of our area.

Three colourful sculptural works in Fred Kelly Place are the focal point of stories which are broadcast on the themes of ‘Emigration’ (blue spikes) playing Thursday – Saturday 10:00 – 10:50am (or 11 – 11:50am during daylight saving time), ‘Tradition’ (yellow spikes) playing Thursday – Saturday 3 – 3:45pm (or 4 – 4:45pm during daylight saving time) and ‘Characters’ (orange spikes) playing Thursday – Saturday 5 – 6pm (or 6 – 7pm during daylight saving time).

For more information and photographs see artpharmacy consulting. A wonderful video of the work can be viewed on vimeo.

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