Seacombe Private Hospital

Seacombe1 (Small)

Seacombe Private Hospital was located at 16 Wolseley Street, Drummoyne. It was originally built as a large private home called ‘Seacombe’ in 1883.

The hospital was founded by Dr Guy Dixon Menzies and two of his medical colleagues, Dr Hugh Poate and Dr Wilfred Vickers in 1912. It operated for over forty years and, although the date of the hospital’s closure is uncertain, it was definitely still operating in 1954, as the noted author Miles Franklin died there in that year.

Dr Guy Menzies commenced in general practice in Plunkett Street, Drummoyne in 1896. Two of his sons, Guy Lambton Menzies (1909-1940) and Ian Lambton Menzies (1911-1941) died during the Second World War and Menzies Park at Drummoyne is named in honour of their sacrifice. Another son, Dr Bruce Lambton Menzies, followed in his father’s footsteps to become a highly regarded medical practitioner in Drummoyne.

The photograph shows Seacombe Private Hospital in the 1940s. While the building no longer exists, Seacombe Private Hospital often comes up amongst people researching their family history as the place where a relative was born or passed away.

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  1. My older brother and sister were born at Glencoe Private Hospital, Five Dock. ..1944 to 1949….and delivered by Sister Bradford.

  2. There were several small maternity hospitals based in the Canada Bay area during this period, including Glencoe, Riverview, Carinya and Gunya. The maternity hospitals clearly played an important role for women, offering profesional medical care.

    The hospitals were originally built as large homes and adapted as private hospitals. Unfortunately, records of the hospitals no longer exist so not a great deal is known about them.

    Glencoe Private Hospital was located at 16 Queens Road, Five Dock and existed from about 1932 to (at least) 1949.

    Riverview Private Hospital, was located at Great North Road, Abbotsford and existed between 1924 to 1927.

    Gunya Private Hospital was located at 28 Majors Bay Road, Concord and existed from about 1921 to (at least) 1943.

    Carinya Private Hospital was located at 306 Concord Road, Concord West and existed from about 1925 until the 1960s.

  3. It has been suggested that the woman standing at the gate, in the photograph, may be Matron E. Sydney Williams who was the matron at Seacombe Private Hospital in the 1930s to early 1940s period.

  4. Seacombe Private Hospital was demolished in 1969. A block of flats was built on the site.

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