Drummoyne Oval

SCAN0416 (Small)

An early photograph of Drummoyne Oval has recently been added to Canada Bay Connections.

Thanks to Phil Harvey (see comment below), the photograph has been identified as being taken prior to 1920 and shows the original grandstand.

The ‘Sports’ of the photograph is, of course, Rugby. Drummoyne Park was used for rugby games as early as 1882 when the area was part of William Wright’s estate.

Kevin Stutchbury kindly lent the photograph so it could be scanned and added to Canada Bay Connections.

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  1. The following notice was found on Trove. It appeared in the Referee, 7 July 1938 page 15, under the heading ‘BAD TASTE’:

    ‘THERE was a certain type of heckling of referee A. L. C. Irving, at Drummoyne Oval (Sydney) on Saturday that good sportsmen regretted to hear. A loud-mouthed individual took advantage of the security of the spectators’ enclosure to keep up a barrage of blither, continually questioning the referee’s decisions. All good sports know the referee is on the field doing a job for the love of the game. He does not get a red cent. His services are gladly given to advance the grand old game of Rugby. It is good sportsmanship to let him get on with that job without heaping invective on his head. Experienced Rugby men, of course, realise that it is impossible for a referee to see everything that takes place on the field. If he misses something it is part of the luck of the game.’

    Some things never change.

  2. This photo was taken sometime between 1917 and 1920. The grandstand in this photo is the original one, which stood roughly where the southern light pole is now. Judging by the clothes the people are wearing, it is prior to 1920 and the two semi’s in the centre of the photo – 21 and 23 Cometrowe Street – were built in 1917.

  3. I have a copy of a letter dated 06 November 1907, from the Municipality of Drummoyne to my g grandfather D R Muir (David Ralston) of “Dunaverty” Havelock St. Enclosing an Honorary Ticket for Drummoyne Park for recognition of his services in connection with the creation of the Oval and Pavilion. My father remembered there being a plaque to this effect in the “old grandstand”

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