Nurse Irving

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In the early part of the last century, before the development of modern public hospitals, midwives and small private hospitals provided a vital role for women.

Nurse Sarah Irving operated a small private hospital at 33 Thompson Street, Drummoyne from about 1908 until 1914. Although no records survive, it was most likely a maternity hospital. Other private hospitals in our area which operated in the first half of the twentieth century were Glencoe Private Hospital (Queens Road, Five Dock), Gunya Private Hospital (Majors Bay Road, Concord) and Seacombe Private Hospital (Wolseley Street, Drummoyne).

Nurse Irving’s husband, Joseph, was a stonemason who taught the trade to their son, Leslie Joseph Irving. Leslie served in the 1st Battalion in the First World War and was wounded at Gallipoli. His name appears in the Drummoyne War Service Record.

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  1. Could you tell me where to find more information about Glencoe Private Hospital?

  2. Jen, apologies for the late reply. Glencoe Private Hospital was run by Sister Una Mary Bradford operated from 7 Garfield Street from at least 1928. By 1933 it was at 16 Queens Road and remained there until at least 1953. Sister Bradford married in 1956 to Allan Townsend and it appears the hospital closed at around this time. We are not aware of any surviving records from the hospital.

    Several articles shed light on the hospital in the 1950s, including Sister Bradford’s relationship with Allan Townsend and an abortion case in 1953.

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