Keeping cool at Drummoyne

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The first swimming baths at Drummoyne were opened in November 1899, close to where the current pool is located. It was a floating timber structure, moored in place by a large punt that allowed the platform to be lowered or raised depending on the tidal flow of the Parramatta River. The baths were reserved for ‘the convenience of ladies’ from 11 am to 3 pm.

In 1904 a permanent structure was built at a cost of £3000. The pool was cut out of solid rock with a concrete wall erected to keep out seawater. It is one of the oldest Council pools in Sydney.

Over the years there have been many alterations and renovations to maintain the standard and quality of the pool. It has been both an enjoyable place for the local community and an important training pool for some of Australia’s best known swimmers, including Dawn Fraser, Jon Henricks and John Konrads.

The photograph shows Drummoyne Pool in 1949.

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