Matthew Fairless drinking fountain

SCAN0291 (Small)

The Matthew Fairless drinking fountain is a dominant feature of Warbrick Park at Concord West. The simple inscription on the fountain reads,’1932. Bequeathed by Matthew Fairless, late of Concord West.’

Matthew Fairless lived and worked on the Yaralla Estate where he was the Herdsman. Yaralla had a herd of prize winning Jersey cows which had been built up through selective imports from Britain in the early 1900s. His wife Fanny also worked at Yaralla as the Head Housekeeper. Matthew Fairless died on the 22 November 1931, aged 63 years.

The photograph is from an album, ‘Concord Plaques and Public Places’, compiled by Marge and Tom Breaden in 1999 and donated to Local Studies last year by their son. The photographs are being digitised and added to ‘Canada Bay Connections’.

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  1. Warbrick Park was named after Alderman Thomas Warbrick who was Mayor of Concord, 1918-1919.

    A special thank you to John Hogan who provided the background details on Matthew Fairless.

  2. The monumental size of the Matthew Fairless drinking fountain contrasts with modern drinking fountains at at Drummoyne and Rhodes.

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