A Christmas Greeting, 1914

SCAN0282 (Small)

A Christmas card sent from Alf to his Auntie Maggie, ‘En route to England for the European War’ in December 1914.

A common belief at the time was that the war would be ‘over by Christmas’ but, of course, it was to grind on relentlessly until an Armistice was declared on 11 November 1918.

Alfred Robert Cassidy (‘Alf’) served with the 1st Australian Infantry Battalion and was killed in action on 9 April 1917 in France, aged 24 years.

The little Christmas card, measuring 12cm by 8cm, was lovingly preserved by his aunt Margaret Jeffery (‘Maggie’) of Five Dock and was amongst material donated to Local Studies recently.

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  1. Someone has asked, ‘Is it a little typo on the printed greeting card to the right saying “1814” instead of “1914”?’

    The printing on the card is uneven, so the curved ’9’ looks almost like an ‘8’. The card may well have been printed on board a troop ship. It’s certainly a rare survival. There does not appear to be a similar card on the Australian War Memorial site which has a good collection of Christmas cards sent home by troops.

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