A great amount of traffic

Concord Road 1918

The Municipality of Concord Annual Report of 1918 noted that £764 had been spent on upgrading Concord Road and as a result it

‘is now in such a good state of repair that a great amount of traffic to Parramatta is diverted from the Parramatta Road along the Concord Road, via the Punt, to Parramatta; and this is particularly noticeable in respect of motor traffic, for which the bad state of the Parramatta Road between Homebush and Parramatta is mainly responsible.’

To reinforce the point, the above photograph of the improved Concord Road was included in the report.

Another ‘improvement’ to streets in 1918 was changing the name of Mangrove Street to Empire Avenue and Swamp Street to Ian Parade.

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  1. The Municipality of Concord Annual Report of 1918 also noted that a

    ‘Memorial Avenue of trees to the memory of Soldiers, Sailors and Nurses who enlisted from this Municipality, was completed. The Avenue extending from Cooper Street (near Strathfield Station) along Concord Road, Alfred, Mary and Blaxland Streets, to the Ryde Punt, Parramatta River.

    Tree-planting was carried out by a Committee of Citizens (with Alderman S. W. Gissing as Hon. Secretary), with the co-operation of Council, whih provided the tree-guards and has agreed to maintauin the trees in the future.’

    The ‘tree-guards’ around the trees are visible in the photograph of Concord Road, above.

    The route of ‘Memorial Avenue’ was partly determined by the fact that at that time Swan Avenue was part of Concord Road and Concord Road did not go all the way to Rhodes until the road bridge was built.

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