Concord celebrates


In 1970 communities around Australia marked the bicentenary of Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook’s exploration and mapping of the east coast of Australia.

Concord combined its celebrations with a youth festival which included a parade from Queen Elizabeth Park, along Majors Bay Road, to Cabarita. A series of photographs of the parade taken by John Mann were donated to ‘Canada Bay Connections’ by his daughter.

The photographs also illustrate the way Concord has changed in the past four decades. In the background of the photograph, above, is Permewan foodstore, at the corner of Majors Bay Road and Wellbank Street. Over the years this has had many retail uses from hardware store to restaurants and is now a speciality Italian delicatessen.

The photographs are on display at Five Dock Library until 2 October 2013 and can be seen at Concord Library (in the Local Studies area) from 9 October 2013.

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  1. Sharon commented:

    ‘In 1969 the Concord Council started a program, Concord Junior Council, which gave primary school children in the area the opportunity to see how council operated and to meet with the Mayor and some of the councillors. A girl and a boy from year 5 and from year 6 of each local school were invited to form a council. I was a representative of Mortlake Public School. Once a month (I think) we went to the council chambers to meet. We elected our council mayor and officers and attempted to discuss local issues with the help of some of the councillors.

    In 1970 I was elected as Junior Mayor. Best part of that, I had the gavel and I really made some dents in that blotting paper desk mat – ha, ha!

    The Junior Council had a ‘float’ in the Bicentenary parade which was a council truck, towing a trailer with mesh sides. Our message was about litter – and not to drop it! Some of us were sitting on garden benches on the tray of the truck and the rest of the Junior Councillors were standing in the trailer (I think they were supposed to be in jail for littering). Mmmm, I am thinking that might be considered quite a dangerous thing to do with children these days, but hey, we lived on the edge back then!’

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