Drummoyne Fire Brigade

Drummoyne Fire Station

The Drummoyne Volunteer Fire Brigade had modest beginnings in 1892. It occupied rented premises (basically a wooden shed) on Cambridge Street which was later renamed Bridge Street and today forms part of Victoria Road. There were five volunteer members and one hand pulled hose reel.

The first fire which the brigade responded to was on the 12th December 1892, when a weatherboard summer house in Lyons Road burned down as a result of ‘children playing with matches’.

In 1896 the brigade was able to purchase the Cambridge Street site and built a small brick station. In 1898 a horse drawn manual engine was acquired, as shown in the photograph above.

The present station on Lyons Road, Drummoyne was completed and occupied on 30th June 1910.

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  1. The first five members of the Drummoyne Volunteer Fire Brigade were Henry Alder (Captain), David Gray, Herbert Tutt, William Russell and Joseph Walker. All were aged about 29 or 30 years. All five were still members of the brigade in 1897. Quite possibly they are among those appearing in the photograph which was taken in about 1898.

  2. My father, Norm Evans, was a fireman at Drummoyne in the 1950’s. I have a photo of him and other firemen with their fire engine at the Station. He can be seen in the centre in front.

    He died five years ago in Canberra and would have been 100 years old this year (2013). We lived at Rodd Point in those days and my parents bought their first block of land and house there in about 1938/39.

    I don’t know who the boy in the photo is!

  3. Great photo, David! Thanks for sharing it.

    The brass helmets the firemen (and the boy) are wearing were, incidentally, made locally by Rider & Bell Pty Ltd at Cavell Street, Rhodes.

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