Memories of old Drummoyne


Suttton Buildings at the corner of Victoria Road and Lyons Road, Drummoyne has long been a part of the commercial and social life of the area.

Sutton’s Broadway Pictures commenced operation on the site in 1912 and comprised two buildings: a cinema, built mostly of galvanised iron, at the corner of Bridge Street (now Victoria Road) and Lyons Road and an open air roller skating rink at the corner of Lyons Road and Marlborough Street. The cinema closed in 1917 and was replaced by Sutton Buildings while the skating rink soon made way for a modern cinema.

The Drummoyne Theatre opened in 1921 at the corrner of Lyons Road and Marlborough Street. It was a large cinema by Sydney standards and could seat 1,000. Later known as the Odeon Theatre, it was part of the social life of Drummoyne until August 1960. The building was demolished the following year to make way for a service station which has since been replaced by a residential and retail development named the ‘Odeon Plaza’.

There are many stories associated with Drummoyne and a facebook site, Memories of Drummoyne, has recently been created to capture them.

The photograph above was taken in 1940.

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