A stately home of Rest

Rivendell 21

On his death in 1886, Thomas Walker of Yaralla left a legacy of £100,000 to build a convalescent hospital on 13 hectares of land at Rocky Point on the Parramatta River.

The Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital was designed by noted architect Sir John Sulman and opened in September 1893. Some 70, 000 patients convalesced at the hospital from the time of its opening until the 1970s, including servicemen from both World Wars. One of the more famous patients was writer Henry Lawsonwho described it as ‘a stately home of Rest’ in his poem The Unknown Patient.

In 1979 control of the hospital was transferred to the NSW Department of Health which has used it as a facility which focuses on the psychological health of young people and their families. It was renamed Rivendell, a name taken from Tolkien’s The Hobbit where it features as a place of rest.

Rivendell has appeared in several films, including Flirting, The man who sued God, Lorenzo’s Oil and, most recently, The Great Gatsby.

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