What’s in a name?

Howley Park 19.12.07 035

Five Dock takes its name from an unusual sandstone formation along the Parramatta River which was thought to resemble small docks. Two of the ‘docks’ were later covered by the construction of the first Gladesville Bridge in 1881.

In 1922 there was a campaign, led by local real estate agents, to change the name of Five Dock as it was considered ‘unattractive, misleading and savours of a dock and shipping centre’ and a better name would ‘enhance property values’. One suggestion for a new name was Wareemba, the Aboriginal name for Drummoyne Bay or Drummoyne Peninsula which means where sweet (or fresh) water meets salt water.

There was an equally strong campaign to retain the name. A concert to keep the name was organised and a song ‘Five Dock will be there’ was composed for the occasion.

At a Council poll on 22 December 1922 the vote was in favour of keeping the name Five Dock. Wareemba was later used as the name for the subdivision between Five Dock and Abbotsford.

The photograph shows the remaining rock formation at Howley Park, Drummoyne.

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  1. Miss Catherine Howley

    My name is Catherine Howley,daughter of Nance and Andy Howley, born in 1956 in Rochester, Victoria and now living in the family home in Deniliquin. My brother, Andrew has been doing work near Howley Park, Drummoyne and I am interested in finding out who it was named after.

  2. Howley Park is named after John Howley who was an Alderman on Drummoyne Council from 1909-1912. He was Mayor of Drummoyne, 1911-1912. There is also a Howley Street in Five Dock named after him.

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