Historic home at the heart of Domremy

At the centre of Domremy College is the fine mansion built for Arthur William Sutton (1839-1913) and his wife Emily Mary Sutton in 1878.

Sutton was the first Mayor of Five Dock. The house was originally called Delapré and was probably named after Delapré Abbey, the Convent of St Mary De La Pré near Northampton, UK. Delapré is believed to have been designed by architect Benjamin Backhouse. The Sutton family moved out of Delapré in 1896 and subsequent owners included Dr C. S. Gibbons, W. G. Crockett and Patrick James Cashman.

In 1910 it was sold to the Sacred Heart Presentation Order of the Roman Catholic Church who renamed it the ‘Domremy Presentation Convent’ after Domrémy, France, the birthplace of Joan of Arc.

What are your memories of Domremy College?

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  1. Rosemary commented: ‘I remember Domremy with great fondness. I started there in Kindergarten in 1946 and finished after the Leaving in 1957. We had a well rounded education in most subjects. Extra activities included Tennis, Piano, Gilbert and Sullivan yearly concerts, Debating and Deportment and Manners. We interacted with other schools and had a well rounded education for those times. I became a teacher myself and adopted some practices I learnt from the nuns. I had a happy time at Domremy and thank the Presentation Sisters for their care.’

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