As busy as bees

Drummoyne Public School opened on 7 April 1886 with 32 students. The school’s first building was a temporary wooden structure. This was later replaced by a brick building which could accommodate 170 students. More buildings were added as student numbers continued to grow due to the rapid increase in the population of Drummoyne in the early 1900s.

In 1910 Drummoyne Public School became the first school in NSW to be provided with an Assembly Hall. However, by the time it had been completed, the increase in student numbers meant there was a shortage of classrooms. The new Assembly Hall was divided into four open classrooms, one of which had a seating capacity for 64 students.

The photograph shows the infant class being taught in the Assembly Hall in 1910. The writing on the blackboard reads, ‘Bees make honey’. Lesson plans were simpler a hundred years ago.

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