Ron Feilberg

Ronald Frederick Feilberg (1917-1944) was a Drummoyne Council Officer from March 1932 until January 1942 when he enlisted in the RAAF. On the night of 21/22 December 1944 Flight Officer Feilberg was the pilot on a Halifax which was shot down over Belgium. Feilberg Place, Abbotsford is named in his memory. Canada Bay Connections includes other photographs of men and women who served during World War II, most notably the St Luke’s Honour Book of those who served in World War II.

This was the 2000th image to be added to Canada Bay Connections. Currently, there are over 4400 images.

The Library welcomes the loan of photographs of local service personnel to be digitised and added to Canada Bay Connections. This puts a face to the names on the war memorials.

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  1. Tiana commented:

    What a fabulous photo of Ron Feilberg. My father, Len Walker, was shot down on Dec 22 1944 with Ron. My Dad survived, Ron did not. If it was not for the brave efforts of this remarkable pilot, I would not be here and six other crew members would not have had their lives. He gave his tomorrow so they could have their today. Rest in Peace Ron. You are dearly remembered. (Note – I have dedicated my book, regarding Dad’s war experiences, in his memory)

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